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Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 120 REVERSE Blade - BLACK - 1-pack

Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 120 REVERSE Blade - BLACK - 1-pack

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Lian Li SL Infinity 120 UNI Fan REVERSE Blade - BLACK - 1-Pack

Added to the line-up of the hugely popular Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 120 (and 140, released in Spring 2023) is the Lian Li SL Infinity 120 UNI Fan REVERSE BLADE. With the Reverse Blade model, the fans pull air in the opposite direction, allowing you to install the front of the fan facing the "push" side of the fan, whereas normally the front of case fans face the "pull" side. Combining the REVERSE BLADE with standard SL Infinity UNI Fan models allows you to have a consistent fan configuration where all the case fans display the same side of the fan, yet pull air in varying directions to give you the airflow you need.

The Reverse Blade models only come in single packs; but they are compatible with the standard SL Infinity controller. You need a 7-pin connector for each cluster of fans and can connect up to 16 fans.

If you need a controller, you can purchase the Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity Controller and 7-Pin connectors here.

If you want to combine these with traditional SL Infinity 120 UNI Fan models, you can purchase the Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 120 with Controller BLACK Multipack here and the Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 120 with Controller WHITE Multipack here. All multipacks come with a controller and four 7-pin connectors.

For the 140mm models, we have the Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 140 - BLACK - 1-pack and Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 140 - White - 1-pack.

If you just need 7-pin connectors to connect the Reverse Blade fans to a SL Infinity Controller already installed in your system, you can purchase the Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 7-pin Fan-to-Controller Connector BLACK here and the Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity 7-pin Fan-to-Controller Connector White here.

The innovative design of the Lian Li SL Infinity UNI Fan is a revolutionary blend of style and performance, sporting great cooling specs, loads of LEDs in the fan chassis and in the fan blades for amazing pop and color, and next-generation daisy-chain technology that vastly reduces the pain of cable management in your RGB-powered PC!

Summary of Key Improvements to Lian Li UNI Fan REVERSE BLADE Design

The refined design of the Lian Li SL Infinity UNI Fan has improved looks, cable management, and compatibility. Among the improvements are:

  • Front of the fan facing the push side of the fan.
  • Infinity mirrors at the front center and side edges.
  • Slim and bright narrow light grooves along the front edges of the fan.
  • Thinner fan cluster power module relocated to the center of the fan frame, and features two-way cable orientation.
  • Removable fan interlocking key.
  • PWM and ARGB cables combined into a single one.

Unique Infinity Mirror Design

The SL Infinity 120 UNI Fan Reverse Blade has a mesmerizing infinity mirror effect on its frame, creating a stunning visual display. The one-of-a-kind infinity mirror in the center of the fan blades and on the sides of each fan really makes the SL Infinity Fan stand out against competing case fans.

High-Performance Cooling & Quiet Operation

The maximum static pressure of the SL Infinity Fan Reverse Blade is 2.02 mm H2O, ensuring efficient thermal management. Equipped with a powerful motor and optimized blade design, the SL Infinity Fan Reverse Blade delivers impressive airflow and static pressure, ensuring your components stay cool even during the most demanding tasks.

The Fluid Dynamic Bearings (FDB) deliver fan speeds of 200 to 2100 RPM, 63.6 CFM airflow, and a low 29 dB(A) noise level for efficient and quiet operation. With removable keylocks, you can secure the fan to radiators. These specs are all welcome improvements over its predecessor SL120 Uni Fans.

Ease of Installation with Daisy-Chainable Modular Interlocking System

The interlocking system allows you to easily connect multiple Infinity Fans together using the modular pin-to-pad design, creating a seamless installation and cable management experience. The SL Infinity 120 UNI Fans Reverse Blade can be daisy-chained together, reducing cable clutter, and simplifying cable management. This design is great for those who want a clean and organized look in their PC builds.

Connect up to 5 Clusters (4 + 1 with Y-Splitter) Totaling 16 Fans

You can connect up to 4+1 clusters (i.e., 5 clusters) totaling 16 fans to the SL Infinity Controller Hub (CONTROLLER and CONNECTORS SOLD SEPARATELY). There are four 7-pin headers on the controller where you connect each fan cluster, meaning you can connect four clusters. If you need a 5th cluster, you can use the proprietary 7-pin Y-splitter that allows you to connect 2 separate clusters into one 7-pin header on the controller. Please note that the clusters connected to the Y-splitter can only be controlled as if it were one cluster by your fan and RGB control software—they cannot be controlled independent from each other.

Notably, a new design change has moved the power module of the fan-to-controller connector to the center of the fan frame. This ensures the connector does not interfere with radiator tubes/AIOs. You can also open the power module and flip the cable 180 degrees to either side of the connector. This allows you to always orient the wiring in the direction that works best for your desired cable management scheme.

Customizable RGB Lighting

Just like the Infinity Fan standard model, the Infinity Fan Reverse Blade features an infinity mirror design with 40 evenly distributed LEDs that provide continuous lighting diffused at the fan blades and around the LIAN LI medallion at the back. Thin strips of lighting are built into the frame around the fan opening, both front and back. At the front and center of the frame, the fan shaft provides lighting to the first infinity mirror of the fan which has been carefully designed to create a deep and clean infinity effect with 0.5mm between each layer of light. The second infinity mirror is surrounded by aluminum trim and is located on both sides of the frame. The geometric shape of the infinity mirror follows the front ARGB lighting strip in a top and bottom pattern that creates a 3D indented look.

L-Connect 3 Software for Maximum Control

The L-Connect 3 Software provides an intuitive control interface, allowing you to easily control fan curves and customize the lighting. You can customize RGB lighting of your SL Infinity Fans to match your rig’s color scheme or choose from various dynamic lighting effects. The quick sync feature allows you to sync all Lian Li device lighting effects with one click. You can also sync all devices to the motherboard software with one click.

Technical Specifications

  • FAN DIMENSION: 120 X 122 X 25 (mm)
  • FAN SPEED: 0,200~2100 RPM
  • MAX. AIR PRESSURE: 2.02 mmH2O (Maximum)
  • MAX. AIRFLOW: 63.6 CFM (Maximum)
  • ACOUSTIC NOISE: 32 dB(A) Max
  • BEARING TYPE: Fluid Dynamic Bearing (FDB)
  • INPUT CURRENT: 180mA (FAN) /600mA (LED)
  • INPUT POWER: 5.16W
  • WARRANTY: 2 years
  • MPN: UF-RSLIN120-1B
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