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Asus ROG RYUO III 240 ARGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler (White)

Asus ROG RYUO III 240 ARGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler (White)

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Asus ROG RYUO III 240 aRGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler (White)

Introducing the ASUS ROG RYUO III 240 aRGB All-in-One Liquid CPU Cooler, a sophisticated and efficient cooling solution, elegantly presented in white. This unit is expertly crafted to ensure peak thermal performance for your computing needs. It features a robust 240mm radiator, underpinned by a high-precision pump with a speed range of 800 to 2600 rpm. The cooler's efficiency is further enhanced by its copper heatsink and sleeved rubber tubes, which effectively transfer heat to the aluminum radiator.

Designed to achieve a balance between quiet operation and formidable cooling, it incorporates two advanced cooling fans. Operating at a nominal speed of 2200 rpm and supporting 4-pin PWM control, these fans deliver both effective cooling and reduced noise levels.

Technical Specifications

    • 240mm Radiator Size
    • 2 x Cooling Fans
    • ARGB Fan & Pump Lighting
    • 2200 rpm Fan Speed
    • 4-Pin PWM Control
    • 800 to 2600 rpm Pump Speed
    • Copper Heatsink
    • Aluminum Radiator
    • Compatible with Intel & AMD Sockets

    Customization is at the forefront with the ARGB fans and an Anime Matrix LED display on the pump head. This feature allows for personalized lighting patterns, system readouts, and more. The integration with Armory Crate utility ensures that the LED display and fans can be synced with compatible components, creating a visually cohesive setup.

    The 8th Gen Asetek Pump, equipped with a 3-phase motor, offers superior cooling efficiency. The Anime Matrix, a mini LED array, not only displays ROG-exclusive animations but also important system information and personalized animations. The Pixel Editor allows for unique customization, while syncing with Armory Crate displays real-time system stats.

    • High Airflow, Low Noise: Boasts two 120mm ROG ARGB fans, each delivering up to 70.07 CFM of airflow at a maximum noise level of 36.45 dBA, ensuring effective cooling without disruptive noise.

    • ARGB Customization: Adjust the color and effects on the ARGB fans and AniMe Matrix screen to match your style, and synchronize them with Aura-compatible components for a unified aesthetic.

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