The Genesis of -

The Genesis of

How do I know is legit and not just another scam site?

Before launched in January 2022, we were trading and selling hardware via Reddit communities (shoutout to r/Hardwareswap). It wasn't long before we developed a passion for buying and selling PC hardware and helping the PC gaming community get access to hard-to-get hardware. In Summer 2021, we decided to launch an eBay store in hopes of gaining access to new customers and expanding the business.

Taking baby steps, we learned the trade and worked hard to develop strong, reliable relationships with customers and suppliers. After a while, we began to set our sights on launching a website and the concept of was born.

After months of painstaking work almost every single night after work and on the weekends, was finally launched. 

Cool story bro, but pulling at the heart strings isn't going to get you anywhere. Why I should feel comfortable giving you my money?

Customers should be wary of who they shop with online, especially when it comes to expensive things like computer parts. There are countless examples of new online stores using questionable practices to sell components or even scamming unwitting victims who let their guards down at the thought of getting access to high-demand hardware at below-market prices.

Before purchasing anything from a new online store, a customer should aiways ask themselves "can I trust them?"

We are acutely aware that there are many scammers plaguing the gamer and PC enthusiast community. We were heavily involved in spotting and helping people through their experiences with scammers via online communities in Reddit and Discord. 

Alright, why can't you just answer the question, you insufferable !%*#!

Sorry, we get a little excited at the opportunity to tell our story--perhaps we'll save the rest for another time. Here's why you should trust

Since launching the site, we have relied on Trustpilot to collect reviews and ratings from customers about As of August 2023, we have a 4.9/5 star rating. Feel free to go to the Reviews on Trustpilot to see for yourself!

Before the site was launched,'s eBay store achieved "Top Seller" status on eBay. According to eBay, being Top Rated means "You're one of the best sellers on eBay, providing an exceptional quality of customer service as well as meeting minimum sales requirements for the Top Rated Seller level."

Achieving and maintaining this Top Rated Seller status means meeting an extremely high bar that looks at a combination of the following metrics:

  • Defect rate
  • Cases closed without seller resolution 
  • Late shipment rate

In just over 6 months (August through February 2022), sold over 600 items on eBay and received over 150 positive feedback reviews, with just 1 negative feedback review. The negative review was left despite a full refund being issued for a new, sealed motherboard that was reportedly dead on arrival. Today, we have over 600 positive feedback reviews.

In any case,'s founder is all about exercising vigiliance and diligence when deciding where to do business and encouraging his customers do the same. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns and thanks for visiting

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