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Lian Li

Lian Li UNI Fan TL LCD 120 - BLACK - 1-pack - 12TLLCD1B

Lian Li UNI Fan TL LCD 120 - BLACK - 1-pack - 12TLLCD1B

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Lian Li UNI Fan TL LCD 120 - BLACK - 1-pack

Key Product Specifications

    • Display: Features a 1.6” LCD screen with a high-resolution of 400×400, bringing vibrant visuals to your PC setup.
    • Media Compatibility: Supports a variety of file formats including GIF, MP4, JPG, and PNG, offering versatile customization options.
    • Optimized Design: Ideal for PC cases, this fan is engineered for optimal airflow and noise reduction, enhancing your computing experience.
    • Exclusive Animations: Includes Lian Li's unique flow-through animations accessible via L-Connect 3, adding dynamic aesthetics to your system.
    • High-Quality Bearing: Equipped with an FDB bearing for enhanced stability, durability, and extended lifespan.
    • Infinity Mirror Design: Features an enlarged infinity mirror around the frame complemented by a longer light guide, achieving a unified, daisy-chained appearance.
    • Customizable Lighting: Boasts two distinct light zones, allowing for increased customization of lighting effects.
    • UNIFAN Interlocking System: Simplifies cable management with its innovative interlocking system for a cleaner, more organized setup.
    • Shared Controller: Utilizes a shared LED lighting and fan speed controller with the UNIFAN TL series for streamlined control.
    • Software Integration: Offers complete software control through L-Connect 3, providing a user-friendly interface for customization.

    Product Details

    Experience the future of PC cooling with the UNI FAN TL LCD 120, the world's first PC case fan with a customizable LCD screen. This groundbreaking fan combines top-tier performance features with unparalleled personalization options.

      • LCD Display: 1.6", 400 × 400 resolution, 500 nits brightness, IPS type, SRGB-24-bit full color.
      • Performance Monitoring: Built-in hardware monitor dashboards for real-time CPU/GPU temperature, fan speed, and system load.
      • Customizable Style: Upload personalized MP4, GIF, JPG, PNG files.
      • Enhanced Design: Advanced UNI FAN series interlocking system for a clutter-free setup. Durable daisy-chain solution, seamless connection for up to 16 TL+TL LCD fans, and well-adapted for all configurations.
      • Stable Operation: Metal bearing shell, magnetic rubber ring, stator, Brazz nut, fluid dynamic bearing (FDB), shaft and copper base, 28mm thick fan frame, and rubber pads for low-noise efficiency.
      • Airflow & Noise: 62 CFM, 2.9 mmH2O static pressure, 27 dB(A) noise level.
      • Fan Speed Control: Customizable fan speeds from 350 to 1900 RPM using L-Connect 3.
      • RGB Lighting: 26 LEDs per fan with side diffusers and an enlarged infinity mirror design on both sides of the frame.
      • Controller Compatibility: Connect up to 16 TL and TL LCD fans with a single controller, including detailed connection guidelines.

      The UNI FAN TL LCD 120 sets a new standard in PC cooling, offering both functional superiority and customizable aesthetics. It's more than a fan – it's an integral part of your PC's identity.

      Empower with Customizable Display

      The UNI FAN TL LCD is the world’s first PC case fan featuring a 1.6" LCD screen. This innovative fan allows for personalization and control through the L-Connect 3 software. Key features include:

      • Resolution: 400 × 400
      • Brightness: 500 (TYP) nits
      • Display Type: IPS, SRGB-24-bit Full Color
      • Power Connection: PCIe Cable

      Performance Detail at a Glance

      Monitor your system's performance in real-time. The built-in hardware monitor dashboards display CPU and GPU temperatures, fan speeds, and more.

      Unique Style

      Upload your own MP4, GIF, JPG, or PNG files to customize the fan's LCD screen, adding a personal touch to your system's style.

      Next Generation of UNI Fan

      Building on the successful design of the UNI FAN series, the TL series enhances clutter-free setups with its advanced features:

      • Durable Daisy-Chain Solution: Slide-in daisy-chaining mechanism for secure and easy setup.
      • Seamless Connection: Connect up to 3 TL LCD fans per port with a single cable.
      • Adaptability: Removable interlocking key for compatibility and minimal interference.

      Stable Operation

      The UNI FAN TL LCD ensures efficient and quiet operation, thanks to its sophisticated design:

      • Metal Bearing Shell: Secures the impeller to the shaft.
      • Magnetic Rubber Ring: Supports stable fan operation.
      • Stator & Brazz Nut: Generates momentum and prevents oil leaks.
      • Fluid Dynamic Bearing: Reduces internal friction for durability.
      • Shaft and Copper Base: Ensures fan blade stability.
      • Thicker Fan Frame: 28mm frame for increased airflow and pressure.
      • Rubber Pads: Minimize vibrations and noise.

      Breeze Your System

      Experience unparalleled cooling performance without compromising on style or thermal control.

        Customizable Fan Speed

        Optimize your cooling needs with adjustable fan speeds for different scenarios, easily controlled via L-Connect 3.

        Sophisticated Continuous RGB Lighting

        Featuring 26 LEDs per fan with an elegant side diffuser, the UNI FAN TL series enhances your setup's aesthetics.

        Dazzle with Infinity Mirror

        The enlarged infinity mirror on the UNI FAN TL series adds a captivating multi-layer lighting effect to your build.

        Individual Lighting Effects

        Customize lighting effects on each side of the fan with L-Connect 3, allowing for a unique and synchronized look.

        Smooth Appearance

        The anti-vibrate rubber pads cover screws, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing design.

        Seamless Software Integration

        Complete control over lighting, fan speed, and LCD screen is at your fingertips with L-Connect 3.

        Two Fans, One Controller

        Efficiently manage up to 16 TL and TL LCD fans with a single controller, streamlining your system's setup.

        Technical Specifications (TL LCD 120)

        • Dimensions: 124 x 120 x 28mm
        • Power Input: 7.08W
        • Material: PA66 / PBT
        • Voltage: DC 12V (Fan) & 5V (LED)
        • Bearing Type: Fluid Dynamic Bearing
        • Warranty: 3 Years
        • Airflow: 62 CFM
        • Static Pressure: 2.9 mmH2O
        • Noise Level: 27 dB(A)
        • Fan Speed Range: 350 - 1900 RPM
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