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Lian Li

Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 v2 - BLACK - MULTIpack Bundles

Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 v2 - BLACK - MULTIpack Bundles

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Lian Li UNI Fan SL120 v2 - BLACK - Multipack Bundle

Select the number of SL120 v2 UNI Fans you need.

  • Improved daisy chain design to connect 2 clusters of fans.
  • SL120 V2 fan frame thickness is 28mm to provide 10% improved airflow compared to V1.
  • Removable interlocking keys to provide better radiator clearance.
  • Start/stop fan RPM support for a quieter environment.
  • Smoother side lighting for a better aesthetic.
  • Only one cable is required for each fan cluster when using the provided new UNI HUB to control lighting effects via L-Connect 3.


UNI FAN SL V2 revised its interlocking style to connect up to 6 fans in two clusters to a single controller port, making cable management simpler.

Extension Cable

With the new 18 cm extension cable, the ability to bridge two clusters of fans to create a 3+3 daisy-chained cluster is offered. These 6 fans can then be connected to a single port on the SL V2 UNI HUB controller. The new daisy-chaining solution reduces the number of cables needing to be managed at the back of the case and enables new lighting effects which can be continuous between the two bridged clusters.

Each port can support up to 6 fans while the maximum number of fans supported by the controller is 16.

Plug-in Power Cable Module

The cable module is designed to plug in and sit flush with the fan frame, which doesn’t require extra space for the module and reduces clearance issues with radiator fittings.

Removable Key

The interlocking keys on each fan are removable to improve compatibility with radiator fittings.


Thanks to a slight increase to a 28mm thick frame, the SL120 V2 features a 10% airflow optimization compared to the SL120 V1, which creates a great balance of airflow and static pressure.


Detail Oriented

The cut edge of the rubber pads is designed to create a smoother curve along the light diffuser.

Continuous LED Channel

The light gap between the two fans when interlocked together has been reduced from 5.6mm to 3mm, sketching out the elegant lighting effects.

Dazzling at All Angles

The center of the rear fan has been decorated with an aluminum medallion for an aesthetic look in any orientation.

More Lighting Effect Choices

New lighting effects have been developed for the updated version of the SL fans, offering more lighting options: Render, Tunnel, Voice, and Groove.

Merging Lighting Effects

A merge function is available to allow lighting effects to flow not only across a single cluster but across the whole system.


The all-new cable module and UNI HUB controller simplifies cable management and provides efficient power to the fans.

16 Fans in One Go

The included controller in the triple pack can support up to 16 fans and 2 SM-type connected devices.

Note: Please lower the brightness of static white when connecting more than 9 SL V2 fans synchronized to the motherboard. Failing to do so may cause inaccurate colors.

Only One Cable

Combining both the power cable and the lighting cable into a single one, the cable module uses a 7-pin connector to connect to the controller, efficiently reducing the number of cables cluttering the PC build.

Direct To Motherboard

The single pack includes a cable module that features a 4-PIN PWM and a 3-PIN SM-type ARGB cable (3P to 3P 5V ARGB cable is included) to connect directly to the motherboard.


Implementing Indented screw holes to fit standard 25mm screws for mounting with the radiator.

When using gasket or mounting the fan directly to the case with the radiator underneath, suggesting use #6-32 X 1-1/2 inch screws.

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