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Lian Li

Lian Li O11D EVO 40-Series Upright GPU Bracket WHITE O11DE-9W

Lian Li O11D EVO 40-Series Upright GPU Bracket WHITE O11DE-9W

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Lian Li O11D EVO 40-Series Upright GPU Bracket White O11DE-9X

The O11D EVO Upright GPU Bracket is designed specifically for 40 Series GPUs. It allows you to mount your large graphics cards in a vertical position, which improves cooling performance.

If you already have the original version of this upright GPU bracket (either model O11DE-2 or O11DE-6), you can easily upgrade it. There's an included add-on kit available that's perfect for holding the bigger and thicker 40 Series GPUs in the upright position.

One of the standout features of this bracket is that it's optimized for direct cooling. By positioning the GPU vertically next to the motherboard, it creates a chimney-style airflow. You can also place intake fans behind the GPU, which helps in controlling its temperature effectively.

Installing this new GPU kit is straightforward. It attaches directly to the side fan bracket, simplifying the whole process. Plus, the new design slightly shifts the position of the GPU. This helps to avoid any interference with fans or radiators that are mounted at the top or bottom of your computer case.

This upright GPU bracket is quite versatile. It's adjustable and can hold a wide variety of GPU sizes, as long as they fit within these specifications:

  • The length should be 348mm or less.
  • The width should be between 135mm and 150mm.
  • The thickness should be 75mm or less.

Technical Specifications

  • PRODUCT NAME: O11D EVO Upright GPU Bracket for 40 Series GPU
  • MODEL: O11DE-9X
  • COLOR: White
  • EXPANSION SLOT: 3 slots
    • Length: Maximum 348MM
    • Thickness: Maximum 75MM thick
    • Width: 135MM-150MM
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