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Lian Li

Lian Li o11 Vision PC Case - WHITE - o11VW

Lian Li o11 Vision PC Case - WHITE - o11VW

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Lian Li O11 VISION PC Case - WHITE

The O11 Vision is a meticulously designed tower chassis, available in both Black and White variants, offering a blend of form and functionality to house your PC components.
Unleash the full potential of your PC build with the Lian Li O11 Vision PC Case, a collaborative masterpiece between Lian Li and PC Master Race (PCMR). This exceptional chassis blends cutting-edge innovation with sleek design, providing the perfect canvas for PC enthusiasts to craft their finest systems.

A Window to Your Hardware

The O11 Vision is defined by its three sides of borderless tempered glass panels, which offer an unprecedented view of your PC components without any obstructive columns or pillars. Showcase the power and style of your system like never before.

Aesthetic Excellence from Every Angle

Available in both classic black and white variants, the O11 Vision is meticulously crafted from premium materials. Brushed aluminum accents, tinted and clear tempered glass panels, and a black-coated mesh panel in the black variant or a white-coated mesh panel in the white variant ensure stunning aesthetics from all perspectives.

Cooling and Clarity in Harmony

The O11 Vision is not just about looks; it excels in cooling performance too. With 27mm tall feet and a hollowed-out bottom fan bracket elevated by 13mm, it guarantees optimal airflow intake. It supports up to 2 × 360 + 1 × 240 radiators, ensuring efficient thermal control.

Seamless Installation Process

Enjoy a smooth and hassle-free installation experience with modular and toolless brackets and panels. While customization is at your fingertips, please note that it's advisable to keep the front glass panel in place during standard installations.

Robust Structural Support

Stability is paramount, and the O11 Vision delivers with strong structural support featuring robust keys rated for 35kg of force. This ensures unwavering stability for all three side glass panels.

Versatile Side Fan Bracket

Choose between inner and outer scenarios for your fan setup, accommodating different space requirements and optimizing for push-pull configurations.

Easy Maintenance with Removable Bottom Fan Bracket and Dust Filter

Effortlessly install radiators or fans and maintain cleanliness thanks to the removable fan bracket and dust filter.

Adjustable Motherboard Tray

Streamline the installation process by mounting the motherboard, CPU pump, and graphics card outside the chassis. It offers two different height options for your convenience.

Recommended Setup for Optimal Cooling

Achieve peak cooling performance with side intake using a push-pull 360mm radiator and six 120mm fans, rear exhaust with one 120mm fan, and bottom intake with three 140mm fans or a radiator.

User-Friendly Front I/O Ports

The front I/O ports are thoughtfully positioned at the bottom of the chassis for easy access, ensuring both convenience and aesthetic appeal.

Cable Management Made Easy

Designed with cable management in mind, the O11 Vision features flexible cable clips and cable holders to keep your cables organized and your system looking clean and sleek.

Multi-Function Storage Bracket

This versatile bracket serves for both cable routing and drive installation, and the removable cable management bar adds to the system's tidiness.

Covering the Gap for a Clean Look

Included silicone covers are provided for low mode configuration, ensuring a neat appearance for cable management.

GPU Display Options (Optional Accessory)

The O11 Vision is compatible with Lian Li's universal vertical GPU kit, allowing you to achieve a professional and visually striking build aesthetic through vertical GPU mounting.

Elevate your PC building experience with the Lian Li O11 Vision PC Case, where innovation and collaboration have converged to create a masterpiece. Specifications include:

    Key Features

    • Seamless Glass Panels: Three sides of column-less glass panels offer an unobstructed, seemless view of your components.
    • Modular & Toolless: Easy install process using modular toolless design panels and fan brackets.
    • Impressive Cooling: Support for up to 2 × 360mm radiators + 1 × 240mm radiator and a maximum of 8 fans (11 fans with push-pull setup).
    • Enhanced Airflow: Featuring 27mm tall feet and a hollowed bottom design to maximize cold air intake.
    • Dual-Chamber Layout: Organize cables efficiently with a cable management compartment and cable holders in this well-designed chassis.
    • Premium build quality: Constructed from high-grade materials, the O11 VISION offers excellent durability and a visually stunning design that complements any gaming setup.
    • Ample space for customization: The full tower ATX form factor provides plenty of room for your components, allowing you to create a powerful and efficient gaming rig tailored to your needs.


    • Case Type: Tower Chassis
    • Model Variants: O11VX (Black), O11VW (White)
    • Dimensions: (D) 480mm x (W) 304mm x (H) 464.5mm
    • Materials: Steel (4.0mm), Tempered Glass (3.0mm), Aluminum
    • Motherboard Support: E-ATX (Under 280mm), ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX
    • Expansion Slots: 6 + 1
    • Storage:
      • Behind MB Tray: 3 x 2.5” SSD
      • Hard Drive Cage: 2 X 3.5′′ HDD or 2.5′′ SSD
    • GPU Length Clearance: 455mm (Max.)
    • CPU Cooler Height Clearance: 167mm (Max.)
    • PSU Support: ATX (Under 220mm)
    • Fan Support:
      • Side: 3 x 120mm / 2 x 140mm
      • Bottom: 3 x 120mm / 3 x 140mm
      • Rear: 1 or 2 x 120mm
    • Radiator Support:
      • Side: 360 / 240 / 280mm
      • Bottom: 360 / 240 / 280mm
      • Rear: 240 / 120mm
    • I/O Ports:
      • 1 x Power Button
      • 1 x Reset Button
      • 2 x USB 3.0
      • 1 x USB Type C
      • 1 x Audio
    • Dust Filter: Bottom × 1
    • Warranty: 1 year

    Experience unparalleled versatility and a sleek design with the O11 Vision, a chassis that caters to your gaming or PC building needs while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic.

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