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Lian Li

Lian Li Galahad II LCD 360 - BLACK SL Infinity Edition - aRGB AIO Liquid Cooler

Lian Li Galahad II LCD 360 - BLACK SL Infinity Edition - aRGB AIO Liquid Cooler

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Lian Li Galahad II LCD 360mm AIO SL Infinity Edition (GA2ALCD36INB)

Designed for enthusiasts and aesthetes alike, the Lian Li Galahad II LCD all-in-one cooler elegantly combines high-performance cooling with a customizable 2.88-inch LCD screen, providing both functionality and a visual spectacle.

Key Features

  • Large 2.88 inch LCD Screen
  • Display resolution of 480x480
  • Edge-diffused LED lighting on the pump
  • Newly designed pump block 
  • aRGB daisy-chainable radiator fans
  • 7 blade impeller for strong water flow
  • 45-degree tubing connector
  • Larger 7mm tube inner diameter
  • Newly designed copper plate and straightened liquid cooling pathway

The LCD line of Galahad coolers supplements the non-LCD Galahad II Trinity AIO Liquid CPU Coolers, which come in many variations, including 240mm and 360mm sizes, black and white colors, and three different "editions," including the SL Infinity edition and Performance edition. Here are the listings for the non-LCD models::

Galahad II Trinity Models

Galahad II Trinity SL Infinity Edition Models

Galahad II Trinity Performance Edition Models

Design and Specifications

The Galahad II LCD AIO cooler is available in 280/360 configurations and is engineered to meet the demands of modern high-performance computing. The centerpiece of this cooler is its 2.88-inch LCD screen, with a resolution of 480x480, strategically situated atop the liquid cooling pump. The pump, crafted by the reputable brand Asetek, ensures reliable and efficient performance.

Further accentuating the cooler's aesthetics, two aluminum caps are featured on the side of the pump, each with edge-diffused LED lighting. An additional lighting strip on the side of the screen's casing enhances the overall visual appeal.

LCD Screen Customization

One of the hallmark features of the Galahad II LCD is its highly customizable screen. It supports a variety of media formats including MP4 files and offers customizable layers, screen capturing, and split-screen functionality. With 2GB of flash memory, users can upload MP4 files up to 3 minutes long, adding a personalized touch to their rig.

The LCD supports MP4 files, customizable layers, and screen capturing, with the added capability of a split-screen function. With 2 GB of flash memory, it allows for MP4 uploading of up to three minutes in length.

Software Support

To simplify customization, Lian Li provides its proprietary L-Connect 3 software. This intuitive tool allows you to select multiple themes, upload background images, and even display real-time CPU temperatures, providing a seamless interface for managing the LCD screen's capabilities.

Simple Connection

The controller is built into the pump and the fans can be connected directly to the pump and controller via L-Connect 3 software. 

  • aRGB and Fan Extension Input Cable: Connect an aRGB device or fan for control via L-Connect 3.
  • 5v aRGB: Required for motherboard sync (only needed if not using L-Connect 3).
  • Sata Cable: For power.
  • USB Cable: Plug into a motherboard 9-pin USB header for L-Connect 3 functionality.
  • 4-Pin PWM Cable: Required for RPM control.

Backed by Lian Li 5-year Warranty

Lian Li proudly backs the Galahad II Trinity AIO with a 5-year warranty, including the fans and controller. Damage of other components from leakage will be backed up to 3 years after Lian Li closely inspects the cause of leakage.

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