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AMD 7950x3D Ryzen 9 CPU 16-Core 3D V-Cache Unlocked AM5 Processor

AMD 7950x3D Ryzen 9 CPU 16-Core 3D V-Cache Unlocked AM5 Processor

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AMD 7950x3D Ryzen 9 CPU 16-Core 3D V-Cache Unlocked AM5 Processor


The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D is a high-end desktop processor known for its impressive performance, particularly in gaming. It's part of AMD's Raphael series and is equipped with 16 cores and Simultaneous Multithreading (SMT), allowing it to process up to 32 threads simultaneously.

The 7950X3D operates on AM5 platforms and utilizes second-gen 3D V-Cache technology, which unlocks 128MB of L3 cache. This combination delivers some of the fastest gaming performance available on the market. The processor is also equipped with 3D-stacked SRAM, which contributes to the total cache of 144MB, with 128MB being gaming-boosting L3 cache.

The 7950X3D's power ratings are 68W lower than the standard 7950X, with a base TDP of 120W and a max of 162W, which can impact heavy work. The additional cache chiplet can lead to slightly higher operating temperatures, and the maximum supported temperature for the 7950X3D is 89 C.

The processor boasts a significant increase in boost speeds compared to previous models. It can boost up to 5.7 GHz, a significant leap from the previous gen 5800X3D's peak of 4.5 GHz.

The 7950X3D uses AMD’s cutting-edge 3D chip-stacking technology, called 3D V-Cache, to enable an incredible 128MB of L3 cache. This accelerates gaming to new heights in many titles. AMD also has a new thread-targeting technique designed to help apply the gains more evenly across a broad range of games.

The 7950X3D is also very energy-efficient, with its power consumption under load being significantly lower than that of the AMD Ryzen 9 7950X.

If you're on a tight budget or a casual user, this chip might be considered overkill as it's one of AMD's most expensive consumer processors and includes many specific features that you might not use or need.

7950x3D Gaming Performance

The AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D is a strong performer in gaming.

According to Toms Hardware, in terms of specific game performance, the 7950X3D shows impressive results in several popular titles. For instance, in Red Dead Redemption 2, the 7950X3D outperforms the 13900K by 12% and beats the standard 7950X by 11%. However, its performance is only 1% faster than the $365 5800X3D, which also supports the value-centric AM4 platform and DDR4 memory. In other games, the 7950X3D provides exceptional performance, with results ranging from -1.7% to +24.3% compared to the 13900K. This shows that the 7950X3D performs well in a wide range of titles.

According to AnandTech, some games benefit more from the 3D V-Cache technology than others. For example, in Hitman 3, the 7950X3D outperforms the standard 7950X by around 12% in average frame rates, thanks to the additional L3 cache. On the other hand, in Red Dead Redemption 2, performance increased by around 16% compared to the 7950X.

According the The Verge, in Shadow of the Tomb Raider and F1 22, the 7950X3D significantly outperforms Intel’s latest processors. For instance, Shadow of the Tomb Raider ran at 354fps on the 7950X3D at 1080p, while it hit 308fps on the 13900K and 313fps on the 13900KS. In F1 22, the 7950X3D hit 423fps, with the 13900KS trailing behind at 389fps.

Not all games see a performance boost from the 3D V-Cache. Some titles show little to no impact from the additional L3 cache. The benefits of the 7950X3D can vary from game to game.


Platform Product Family Product Line
Desktop AMD Ryzen™ Processors AMD Ryzen™ 9 Processors
# of CPU Cores # of Threads Max. Boost Clock
16 32 Up to 5.7GHz
Base Clock L1 Cache L2 Cache
4.2GHz 1MB 16MB
L3 Cache Default TDP Processor Technology for CPU Cores
128MB 120W TSMC 5nm FinFET
CPU Socket Max. Operating Temperature (Tjmax) Launch Date
AM5 89°C 2/28/2023
PCI Express® Version System Memory Type Memory Channels
PCIe® 5.0 DDR5 2
Max Memory Speed
2x1R DDR5-5200
2x2R DDR5-5200
4x1R DDR5-3600
4x2R DDR5-3600
Graphics Capabilities
Graphics Model Graphics Core Count Graphics Frequency
AMD Radeon™ Graphics 2 2200 MHz
GPU Base
400 MHz



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