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Phanteks D30 REVERSE Fan - WHITE - 1-pack - D30-120 D-RGB

Phanteks D30 REVERSE Fan - WHITE - 1-pack - D30-120 D-RGB

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Phanteks D30 REVERSE Fan - White - 1-pack - D30-120 D-RGB

Introducing the Phanteks D30-120, a premium D-RGB high performance PC case fan. With its integrated D-RGB lighting throughout the frame and blades on all sides, the D30-120 fan delivers stunning visual effects. This innovative fan offers exceptional airflow, low noise levels, and outstanding durability, making it an ideal addition to your PC build.

The D30-120 has an innovative daisy-chain design that enables you to control up to four fans with one Y cable. The D30 contacts are integrated into the corners of the fan frame, which are easily connected using a unique clip design. These clips create the electronic contact between fans and serve to link fans together and hide the seam for a unified aesthetic. This unique design allows the D30 to be easily mountable within a case, without them interfering with hardware such as radiator fittings.

The Phanteks D30-120 fan has received positive acclaim from the enthusiast community, with many excited about its Spring 2023 release and the clean build possibilities it offers.

The Phanteks D30-120 fan offers an exceptional combination of premium D-RGB lighting and high-performance cooling, making it an ideal choice for modern computer systems. With its sleek design and versatile airflow options, the D30 is sure to impress both visually and functionally.

Two Airflow Direction Models

The D30-120 fan is available in regular and reversed airflow direction models, allowing for the ultimate fan configuration for any system.

Daisy-Chainable Fans for Easy Linking

The fan frames can be linked together using bridge connectors and screw cover plates, significantly reducing cable clutter and making multiple D30 fans work as one clean unit.

Integrated D-RGB Lighting

The D-RGB lighting is visible from all sides of the fan, with the blades reflecting the light coming from the halos lighting ring inside the frame, providing a brighter and smoother effect than standard RGB lighting. The fan is compatible with Digital-RGB equipped motherboards and Phanteks Digital-RGB products.

30 mm of Performance

The D30-120 is 5mm thicker than standard case fans, allowing it to provide exceptional performance even when coupled with radiators or mesh covers that restrict airflow. Inspired by the ultimate T30 fan, the 30 mm thick frame and aerodynamic fan blades provide plenty of air pressure to keep your system cool, even on a radiator or behind restrictive mesh/dust filters.


  • Dimensions: The Phanteks D30-120 fan measures 120 x 120 x 30 mm.
  • RPM Range: With a rotational speed range of 250 - 2000 +10% RPM, the D30 provides optimum performance and flexibility for various cooling requirements.
  • Airflow: The fan delivers an impressive airflow of up to 64.3 CFM (61.5 on the Reversed models), ensuring that your system stays cool and performs at its best, even during demanding tasks or extended gaming sessions.
  • Low Noise: Engineered with a focus on acoustic performance, the Phanteks D30 Fan operates at a quiet noise level of just 30.2 dBA, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful computing experience.The fan can reach an astounding airflow of 64.3CFM, while maintaining a static pressure of 3.01mmH2O, and still be whisper quiet producing just 30.2dB(A).
  • PWM Control: The fan features a 4-pin PWM connector, enabling precise control over fan speed and performance through your motherboard's fan control software.
  • Long Lifespan: The D30 Fan utilizes high-quality bearings and materials, ensuring a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours.
  • Aesthetic Design: This fan boasts an elegant and sleek design, with a black frame and white blades that seamlessly blend with your PC's aesthetic.
  • Easy Installation: The Phanteks D30 Fan comes with all necessary mounting hardware and a user-friendly installation guide, making it easy to incorporate into your PC build.
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