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Lian Li

Lian Li o11 Dynamic EVO Case - BLACK - o11DEX

Lian Li o11 Dynamic EVO Case - BLACK - o11DEX

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Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO - BLACK

The Lian Li O11 Dynamic EVO PC case is a highly versatile and customizable case that caters to the needs of PC builders who want to continually tweak and reconfigure their PC. The O11D EVO is a large case that can be configured to accommodate almost any motherboard, including E-ATX motherboards, in a standard orientation or reversed orientation.

  • Mid-tower chassis with two modes: Normal Mode/ Reverse Mode
  • Feature multi-directional power button and movable IO module
  • Front and side tempered glass panels for components and RGB display
  • Supports up to 3x 360 radiators and a maximum of 10 fans
  • Offers 9 storage drives mounting space
  • Dual-chamber layout with hooks friendly cable management compartment
  • Five optional accessories: Vertical GPU Kit / Upright GPU Kit / Additional I/O kit / Front Mesh Kit / Top I/O Kit

Key Features

  • Premium build quality: Constructed from high-grade materials, the O11 Dynamic EVO offers excellent durability and a visually stunning design that complements any gaming setup.
  • Ample space for customization: The full tower ATX form factor provides plenty of room for your components, allowing you to create a powerful and efficient gaming rig tailored to your needs.
  • Advanced cooling support: The case is designed to accommodate a variety of cooling solutions, including air and liquid cooling systems, ensuring optimal thermal performance and stability during intense gaming sessions.
  • Easy cable management: The O11 Dynamic EVO features a well-planned layout with multiple cable routing options, making it simple to keep your build neat and organized.
  • Modular design: The case's modular nature allows for easy installation and maintenance, as well as the flexibility to adapt and upgrade your system as your needs evolve.

The O11D EVO is known for its limitless permutations for hardware installation. The O11D EVO's design is nearly infinitely reconfigurable, with over a dozen panels, pieces, and ports that can be moved or removed to fit the needs of the builder.

While the O11D EVO is an excellent case for show-system builders and storage pack rats, it will tax your system-planning and cable-routing skills to the max. The case is designed to be equipped with the user's choice of hardware, including fans, but it does not ship with any fans. The case supports up to 10 spinners, but none are meant to be mounted up front unless you buy the front mesh kit.

The case provides tons of mounting options and comes with lots of accessories and options that enable maximum customization


  • Materials: 4mm Aluminum, 4mm Tempered Glass, 1mm Steel Structure
  • Motherboard Support: E-ATX (width: under 280mm)/ATX /M-ATX/ITX
  • PSU Support: 220mm
  • Fan Support:
    • Top: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2
    • Side: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2
    • Bottom: 120mm x 3 or 140mm x 2
    • Rear: 120mm x 1
    • On Drive Cage: 60mm x 1
  • Radiator Support: 
    • Top: 360mm x 1 or 280mm x 1
      - Total max thickness: 87.5mm
    • Side: 360mm x 1 or 280mm x 1
      - Inner scenario total max thickness:
       - 83mm(120mm fan on top and bottom)
       - 63mm(140mm fan on top and bottom)
      - Outer scenario total max. thickness
       - 120mm(120mm fan on top and bottom)
       - 100mm(140mm fan on top and bottom)
    • Bottom: 360mm 1
      - Total max thickness: 87.5mm
  • Drive Support: 
    • Bottom: 2.5 SSD x 4 or 3.5 HDD x 2
    • Side: 2.5 SSD x 4 or 3.5 HDD x 2
    • Drive Cage: 2.5 SSD x 3 or 3.5 HDD x 2 + 2.5 SSD x 1
    • Cable Management Bar: 2.5 SSD x 2
      - Only 9 sets of 2.5 SSD mounting pads are provided
  • GPU Length Clearance: 422 mm 
  • CPU Length Clearance: 167 mm 
  • Expansion Slots: 8 
  • I/O Ports:
    • 2 x USB 3.0
    • 1 x USB 3.1 TYPE-C,
    • 1 x HD AUDIO/ MIC
    • LED Color and Mode button
    • Reset Button
    • Power Button
  • Dust Filters: Bottom x 1 
  • Dimensions: (D)465mm (W)285mm (H)459mm
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • MPN: o11DEX

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