A Special Message To Scammers from Gamertech.shop!

A Special Message To Scammers from Gamertech.shop!

UPDATE (January 9, 2023): We have partnered with NoFraud and Route! For more information, click here.

Hello! If you are a scammer, fraudster, thief, or just piece of human excrement in general, please read on!

If you intend on committing fraud or stealing from Gamertech.shop, you are wasting your time, for example:

  • Using stolen credit cards.
  • Using a credit card you created using a stolen identity.
  • Returning an item but only sending back the empty box.
  • Abusing payment processor (paypal, AmEx, Visa, etc.) dispute policies.
  • Abusing marketplace (Google, eBay, etc.) terms of service.

Your crap does not work here, you will be reported to the appropriate authorities, and you will just be wasting everyone's time. You will also be reported to databases that track fraud, meaning that the you and your payment accounts (or the fake identities that you use to perpetrate your scams) will be blacklisted.

We zealously pursue wrongdoers who attempt to use disputes or abuse online marketplace policies to perpetrate their scams. This includes:

  • Responding to disputes with painstaking detail and airtight photographic and documentary evidence. Ever since implementing our protocols, we have won every single dispute initiated against us. Hard to believe? Yes. True? you betcha!
  • Pursuing legal process. Initiating legal proceedings is not something we take lightly, but we do take significant pleasure in helping scammers realize they are not untouchable.  We have not gotten to the point where we have actually dragged a scammer into court, but we kind of look forward to the day where we get to do so. Although we don't recommend it, feel free to test our resolve--it would be a great story to tell on our site!

In case you are not convinced:

  • We record all serial numbers.
  • We take pictures of everything we package.
  • We use tamper proof security seals on product packaging and shipping boxes. On most hardware, we the seals are serialized.
  • We have anti-fraud services that instantly flag transactions that are likely fraudulent. Ever since implementing these, every single person who attempted to use stolen/fake payment credentials has failed.
  • We open and inspect every single return. Even if it appears sealed. 

Have a horrible rest of your day!